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Years of squinting and frowning can leave deep wrinkles that form between the eyebrows and may extend to the bridge of the nose. Wrinkles and frown lines also may appear across the forehead and at the corners of the eyes ("crow's feet").

Our dermatologist can quickly and safely inject Botox® during an office visit to diminish wrinkles and lines that create an angry or sad look and detract from your natural beauty. Botox can be used in a variety of different locations including neckbands and facial lines to minimize cumulative effects of aging. Botox® has been in use since the mid-1970's for the treatment of many medical conditions and has now become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide.

Botox takes effect about 3 to 7 days after treatment. The improvement generally lasts about 3 to 4 months. The Botox effect gradually fades as facial muscle action returns. Patients typically require re-injection at regular intervals. Atrophy (thinning) of the muscle may occur after repeated Botox treatments. This usually produces longer-lasting results.

Relaxing your wrinkles helps give you a more relaxed and refreshed look; it is part of the overall treatment plan for skin health and graceful aging. Our skilled providers at Big Sky Dermatology create a "natural" look through the use of Botox therapy to help enhance your natural beauty. We will create a customized treatment plan to achieve an overall enhancement of facial features and create facial rejuvenation. We offer a comprehensive, state-of-the-art approach by combining Botox with other non-surgical treatments like Fraxel and Candela laser therapy along with professional strength peels, Fillers, Kybella, and microneedling to help maximize each individual's beauty. Come in to meet one of our talented providers to discuss your tailored treatment plan today.



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Discover the difference in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology treatment. Call Big Sky Dermatology at 406.587.SKIN (7546) or use our Schedule an Appointment. Our Botox patients come to us from Belgrade, Gallatin Gateway, Livingston, Ennis, Big Sky and  nearby communities.

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Patient Reviews

"This appointment was my first ever visit with a dermatologist. I wanted to get a couple of spots looked at and get a baseline on my overall skin health. Dr. Shannon was very gentle and explained everything she was doing. She answered my questions to my satisfaction."

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