We are very happy to offer quality ear piercings for earlobes and ear cartilage at Big Sky Dermatology. We pierce the ears in a professional, clean environment. Our office offers ear piercing using the Studex ® Ear Piercing System. It is a safe, gentle piercing system that has little to no discomfort. If requested the providers at Big Sky Dermatology can also offer topical numbing to help ease any concern for discomfort.

Studex ® ear piercing studs meets FDA requirements and are sealed and sterilized in individual packages and are safe for ears of any age. These medical-grade studs are made in the USA of the highest quality surgical metals and recognized as allergy-free. Each style is safe enough to be worn every day.

At Big Sky Dermatology we can pierce the earlobe and outer cartilage of the ears. We do not pierce other parts of the body. We offer piercings for patients starting at 5 years old.

At Big Sky Dermatology we ensure that you are satisfied with your ear piercing results from the beginning to the end of the healing process that can take up to 6 weeks for earlobes and 12 weeks for cartilage piercings.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

Patient Reviews

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Patient Reviews

"This appointment was my first ever visit with a dermatologist. I wanted to get a couple of spots looked at and get a baseline on my overall skin health. Dr. Shannon was very gentle and explained everything she was doing. She answered my questions to my satisfaction."

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